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subs. of C O'Malley & Associates LLC

Located in Trenary, MI 49891 in the UP

Phone: (517) 518-6088


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Corporate & Specialty Websites

We create custom website development solutions for all kinds of businesses and non-profit organizations. We have over 12 years experience helping businesses achieve their Internet marketing goals. Whether your site is one page business card website or a multi-lingual corporate web portal with hundreds of pages, our company is small enough to work closely with you one-on-one, yet has the experience to take care of your exact needs. If you want an ecommerce store, a content management enabled website that allows you to make your own changes, a gallery of photos, multi-media, or something more - we can design the graphics and integrate any background software needed. We design simple web pages, and complete web development solutions with the powerful impact our clients expect and receive.

If you need maintenance it is done quickly and accurately. We can do basic maintenance of text and photos to an existing web page, or add additional features such as a blog, a forum or shopping cart.

Our graphic designs are search engine optimized (SEO), and comply with W3C standards giving you the best custom website design and search engine rankings available. We use XHTML and CSS in our web development for accessibility and cross browser compatibility.

We also offer reliable U.S. based web hosting, and domain services for less. Our hosting packages come with a wide range of extras such as lots of storage and bandwidth, ASP or PHP, databases, 99% guaranteed uptime, automatic server backups on top quality servers. Your account includes free software such as shopping carts and blogs. Best of all, we give you control - you'll always have access to files and traffic statistics when you need them.

Manage web site material with a content management system lets you make updates to photos and text. Keep customers informed with an RSS feed, or dazzled with blazing Flash animation, a custom logo and beautiful graphics. If you need email marketing or ecommerce development with a secure certificate, shopping cart software, a gateway payment method, password protection or an inventory system - we'll help you determine the best online marketing solution for your business.

As a qualified internet consultant, we can provide site reviews or an RFP that you can use for an accurate detailed quote. A site review checks for browser compatibility, accessibility checks, consistency, functionality, link checks and search engine friendliness. We'll discuss your requirements with you and find out exactly what you need to accomplish your specific website marketing goals, using industry specific software and open source solutions keeping costs down. A website consultation is free ($250 value) if you decide to hire us. An Request for Proposal (RFP) may be prepared separately at a fixed cost and submitted to any web firm for an accurate bid or quote you desire. Free estimates are available by email or phone.

We have experience doing hundreds of small business websites, and repairing and rebuilding hundreds more. Our web pages have clean, clear design with user friendly navigation and excellent SEO (search engine optimization). We have done websites in almost every industry, and would like to do yours!

We accept checks, credit cards, and Paypal, and can arrange flexible payment options so that any small business can afford a professional web site. We also give a generous 20% discount to qualifying 401c Non-profit organizations. Under certain circumstances we'll even design a web site in exchange for bartered services - so there's no reason why you can't have a beautiful custom website!

We are located in Trenary, Michigan and have both local and national clients. We have not met most of our clients in person, but that's not a problem. We can complete any web page using email and phone conversations. During development, we post the web pages on a secure area of our server for your review. Our standard portfolio and Flash portfolio contain only a portion of the websites we've created.

Our support doesn't end when your site is complete. We are always here to answer questions about the site, it's hosting, domain and take care of any website maintenance needs. We offer several outstanding and inexpensive plans to keep your site up-to-date. We'll let you know when software updates become available to protect the site from hackers and malware.
Development will progress at a pace you feel comfortable with. We want input and to include you in the site development process so that it becomes your very own. There are mainly two phases to creating your site. In the design phase we create the it's unique look and feel, and in the development phase we program the software and code the content into a custom template just for you.
Our strategy is to get you found on the search engines as fast and effectively as possible. We use Style Sheets, Google site maps, follow Accessibility standards, the best web standards, and use every legitimate SEO technique to improve your search engine rankings, while still giving you a user friendly, attractive site.

Why use our services?

Because no one will work harder at creating a unique, well optimized website for your business or non-profit. We use our experience to build you a working website that will showcase your products and increase your market share. Dollar for dollar, a professionally built website is the most effective way to advertise a small business in a poor economy.


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